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In addition to many 529 Benefits, there are additional features that set CollegeAccess 529 apart:

  • Maximum contribution limit of $350,000 per beneficiary — among the highest in the nation.1
  • Joint tenancy ownership allowed — Accommodate those who prefer to own assets in joint name.
  • Trust and corporate ownership permitted, including 501(c)(3) — ideal for people with unique intentions on how and when and for whom funds are to be used.
  • Acceptance of contributions from individuals other than account owner — allowing assets to be accumulated faster and funding responsibilities to be shared.
  • UGMA/UTMA investments permitted — enabling savers to be sure assets are used for college, reduce taxes on the minor, and gain favorable tax treatment for financial aid.
  • Tax-free rollovers allowed — from other 529 plans, Coverdell Savings Plans (formerly Education IRAs) and qualified U.S. savings bonds (Series EE and I).
  • Ability to change investments or redeem with one phone call — leaving less paperwork for you 2
  • Statutory creditor protection — protecting assets from creditors of the contributor, account owner or beneficiary.3
  • Support from Allianz Global Investors — one of the world’s leading asset management companies.


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2. Subject to Internal Revenue Code guidelines limiting changes to investments once per calendar year, see Plan Disclosure Statement for details.
3. Certain restrictions apply; see Plan Disclosure Statement for details.